getting conversation going 

 unbreaking the silence

Project Partners: 

2talk is the result of a marketing project done by the 2103 final year marketing students of the University of Johannesburg for Matla A Bana, A voice against child abuse. 

This research revealed that many cases are not reported because we live in a society where people avoid speaking about child abuse. There are many reasons for this - shame, fear, not thinking it will happen to them and their children, cultural believes etc. 

One conclusion almost all the students reached was that the silence needs to be broken and one message was born GETTING CONVERSATION GOING. They believe that if society can be inspired to start speaking abuse, more children will start to report. 

Various projects were proposed to reach this goal. This included events activations, advertising, school projects and community mobilisation.  It was decided to launch a resource web site to assist educating and informing the public. 

The site has been developed and is managed by Matla A Bana - A  voice against child abuse, with the partnership of various sponsors. 

We would like to thank the 300+ students who undertook this mammoth task of researching such a difficult subject, for creating amazing solutions and for also sharing their stories with us.  We know that this project will reach and help thousands of people in the future.