What does the new Children’s Act do?

Children also have fundamental rights, for instance dignity, freedom and security. The goal of the new Children’s Act is to:

  • Protect and improve children’s rights.
  • To put the interests of children as first priority.
  • Where applicable, to allow children to be involved in the decisions that affect them.
  • Protect and strengthen families.
  • Recognise the important role of the community in the lives of children.

How does the Children’s Act protect our children? 

A National Child Protection Register contains:

  • Information regarding abuse or alleged abuse of children.
  • Names of people who are incompetent to work with children due to a history of child abuse.
Children who are in need of care or protection can:
  • Be taken to a place of safety.
  • Be taken to a child and youth care facility.
  • Be placed in foster care.

THE CHILDREN'S ACT  (No. 38 of 2005)

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Section 110 (1) of Act 38 of 2005 as amended

  • In terms of this section certain professionals eg. ‘Teacher’, has a duty to report.
  • They must on reasonable grounds conclude that the child has been abused in a manner causing physical injury or deliberate neglect.
  • Conclusion must be reported in the prescribed form
  • It must be reported to The “Provincial Department of Social Development or a Police Official”.

Section 110 (2) of Act 38 of 2005 as amended

  • In terms of this subsection “Any person” who on ‘reasonable grounds believes that a child is in need of care and protection’.
  • May report belief (not compulsory,  has a discretion) to a “Provincial Department of Social Development, a designated child protection organization or a police official”.

Section 141 (2) of Act 38 of 2005 as amended

  1. In terms of this subsection “A social worker or social service professional” has a duty to report any instance of a contravention of subsection 1(2), (b), (c) or (d)
  2. Any instance of a child labour or a contravention of the provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 75 of 1997.

  • In both (1.) and (2.) above it must be reported to a (a) Police Official or (b) Department of Labour.
  • Failure to report under this section results in criminal offence.
  • Section 305 (1)(c) a person is guilty of an offence if that person fails to comply with section 141(1).