A young mother tried to commit suicide because of depression. In order to protect her two year old son the court rules that the child is place with the father. The mother is allowed visitation with supervision. A social worker is appointed to monitor the well-being of the child.

The father moves to another town and starts avoiding all contact with the mother – he does not respond to phone calls, emails or any request from her to visit her child. He also avoids the social worker. The mother has very little financial means. What can she do?

Her best option is to visit the closest office of the Family Advocate to assist her. They will evaluate the situation and assist the family with the child’s best interest at heart.


The Family Advocate assists the parties to reach an agreement on disputed issues, namely custody, access and guardianship. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the Family Advocate evaluates the parties’ circumstances in light of the best interests of the child and makes a recommendation to the Court with regard to custody, access or guardianship. - See more at:

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