During a police educational talk at a well-known high school in Johannesburg, a 16 year old boy asked the police to arrest him. According to him he was a perpetrator and abused some of his cousins. 

During the interview with the boy he disclosed that he was raped by his uncle. Further investigation into the matter revealed that he was not the only child who was abused by the uncle and not the only child who became a perpetrator. In the end more than 32 children in one family were directly and indirectly affected by the deeds of one pedophile. 

The Police did not arrest the child, as he was still a minor, but they could trace the uncle and he was sentenced.


  • Abusers known to the child will use many methods to keep the quiet - from threats to bribery.
  • Such children will experience mixed emotions raging from guilt (if the deed was pleasurable) to fear (if their are being threatened).
  • Many children, will imitate the abuser and do the same to another children. 
  • Parents need to have an open discussion relationship with children.
  • They also need to educate their children on the dangers ever from family members.
  • Children who were perpetrated against need to be assisted as soon as possible,  so that the vicious cycle can be stopped before more people‚Äôs lives are damaged.